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We have been manufacturing high-quality equipment for our customers in the domestic market and worldwide for more than 50 years now, with best results. During that period we have specialised in the construction of machines for the coating and finishing of plastic, fabrics, papers and non-woven materials in rolls. We construct and build machines for the coating, laminating and finishing of materials in rolls to manufacture floor coverings, tarpaulin, artificial leather, cellular materials, foils, wallpapers, black-out materials and many others more.

The quality and precision of our machines are now recognised worldwide. By using innovative engineering systems like our Product Management System PMS for an automatic machine set-up of our knife-coaters we will allow you to manufacture products meeting the highest quality level.

Among our customers there are companies of many various sizes worldwide. All of them we serve with expert advice and great personal dedication to find the right solution. On grounds of our long experience in the fields of coating, embossing and laminating, we are an efficient and flexible partner and in a position to offer individually designed solutions to your problems.

To realise product developments together with our customers, there are two pilot coaters in our company available.

Do not hesitate to ask us. Our intensive consulting service is the reliable basis for optimal solutions.

Milestones of our History


Foundation of the company Jakob Weiß & Söhne Maschinenfabrik


Production of the first Coating machines


Realisation of complete PVC- floor-covering-coating plants


Realisation of modern coating plants for the production of artificial leather


Realisation of double-sided vertically positioned coating units for tarpaulins


Development and realisation of the Product Management System for Coating machines.


Expansion of the delivery program by scatter coating technology


Development of the own Pilot Unit up to a width of 700mm


Expansion of the delivery program by the Rotary Spray System


Expansion of the company by a new assambly shop and office block


Development and realisation of the horizontally positioned coating unit


Development of the modular Pilot-Coater-System PCS-30/60


Development of the modular PCS-30 System in our own Pilot Unit with the most different technologies for finishing of webs


Extension of our laboratory center by a new finishing line for film and paper handling with floating web dryer type TSA-60


Development of a Paste Force Simulator FFS-50 to optimize the design of our coaitng machinery programme

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