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Hotmelt Fiber Laminating

The Hotmelt-Fiber-Laminating System allows a contactless application of the adhesive chemical onto the Substrate. Two application Systems are available called Omega and Random-Fiber. Depending on demands of the adhesive chemical the application process can be adapted. The coat weight can even be less than 1g/sqm and the application speed more than 200m/min.

The system is suitable for a big variety of Hotmelt adhesives. Also reactive PUR hotmelts can be operated.The main advantage in comparison to conventional Scatter Hotmelt Laminating Systems is, the web will not be heated up, because a heating channel is not required,

Only the adhesive will be heated up, not the Substrate. The fast and flexible adjustment of the application weight also during Operation time and the easy cleaning procedure is one of the major advantages in comparison to Hotmelt-Roller or Rotary-Screen Systems.


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