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Pilot Units

The JWS Finishing Laboratory Center facilitates a big variety of pilot coating and finishing plants. The modular Pilot- Coater-System PCS-30 or complete pilot plants in production scale, for each trial, we offer the optimum solution. For special purposes, it is possible to adapt our modular pilot systems to your application task. Our coating and finishing plants will continuously be adapted with the latest up to-date techniks.

Multi-Function Pilot Plant TKA 80

The major plant of our R&D department is the Pilot Plant TKA-80. This Pilot plant is a down scaled image of a production plant. With the Multi-Purpose Coating System UTA-80 combined with the air drying ofen with support belt, a high quality sample production can be made. Further we can realise wet or dry laminated products. A Calender with nip adjustment is also available in our Pilot Plant TKA-80.

A Rotary-Spray Unit RS-335H and a Scatter-Applicator Unit STA-100 is additionally available. The STA-100 can be used for scattering powder, granules or chips on max. 800 mm wide webs. A variety of application rolls for differnt puders are available. The RS-335H can be used for spray application on max. 500 mm wide webs (e.g.: moisturing of fabrics). Both units can be integrated in our Pilot Plant TKA-80, or run off line as a stand alone unit.

Pilot-Coater PCS-30

The second Pilot Plant is our Pilot-Coater-System PCS-30. A big variety of coatings, laminatings and dry processings in wet and hot-melt operation can be provided by the modular design and PLC-Control of the Pilot-Coater-System. The Pilot-Coater can be operated with different chemicals in paste, foamed, liquid or hot-melt conditions and allows consequently high-quality coating and laminating.

New since 2011:

Film- and Paper Coating Plant with Floating Web Dryer TSA 60

Since 2011 our Finishing Laboratory Center is extended by a new finishing line for film and paper handling. The TSA 60 line is prepared for a large variety of coating and finishing operations for endless webs, very similar to the existing plants in our laboratory center. The particular treatment during the coating and finsishing process is the high capacity floating web dryer, which enables a contactless web conveyance during the dryer. If necessary, a corona treatment for the web is also available


Fluid Force Simulator FFS-50

The Fluid Force Simulator FFS-50 is the latest development of JWS in the field of laboratory equipment for he coating and finishing industry. 

The Fluid Force Simulator FFS-50 illustrates the force, which acts below the doctor blade during paste coating operation. The simulator measures the forces in X- and Y-direction for different coating speeds and doctor knife positions. As a result, a report about the real force under the doctor blade in dependence on speed and coating gap, will be made.

Based on the knowledge of the correct data of the forces, affecting between doctor blade and substrate, the design of new coating heads and the adjustment of existing coaters can be optimized.

The correlation between substrate and rheology of the chemical on one hand and the shape and positioning of the doctor blade on the other hand, can be identified and optimized for each customer product.

Tests with the Fluid Force Simulator will be offered also as a service to our customers. In case of retro-fitting of existing coating machines, or only to find out an optimum coater adjustment, the FFS-50 can be very helpful.



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