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Software and Control Systems

We offer plant control systems with most up-to date technique in the field of drive and software automation. The bus field technology in combination with digital drive solutions enables a precise web run through the production line within a wide range of tension and speed variations. Our long term experience by using PLC applications for our finishing lines enables us to develop and to manufacture most complex plant control systems by our own software specialists in our factory. We supply line conceptions, which are tailor made according customer requirements both in function and in operation as a result of the close cooperation between our manufacturing department and the control technique department.

The Product-Management System (PMS)

The PMS is suitable to set the complete experience data of your different products automatically, which are:

  • Coating Gap Value (coating weight adjustment)
  • Coating Angle of Doctor Beam (selection of knife No. 1, 2 or 3)
  • Horizontal Beam Position (selection of knife-over-roll or air knife coating)

Advantages of PMS:

  • Automatic adjustment of the knife gap (no manually effected adjustment by operator)
  • All coating positions for knife-roll-on, knife-over-air and knife-over-rubber blanket can be stored and immediately be set up for coating operation without any manual adjustment.
  • PMS is equipped with Security Gap Setting (SGS), wich allows to set a security gap between coating knife and coating cylinder to avoid any hazard by knife contact upon cylinder.
Frequnzgeregelte Antriebstechnik mit Profibus-Technology
SPS-S7 Anlagensteuerung
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